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Grief Support
"Grief" is a natural response to any loss and unique to each person. We grieve not only the death of a loved one, but all losses that we may experience in our lives (like divorce, retirement or relocation). The grief process is long-term, having no logical pattern, order or timetable. Grief affects us both emotionally and physically, and the intensity will depend upon many factors, including the relationship one had with the deceased.
"Mourning" is taking the internal experience of grief and expressing it outside oneself. Sadly, people are often told to "be strong" or "keep busy" instead of sharing their feelings. This can slow down the healing process, causing people to grieve in isolation. Grief is something to be experienced not overcome. We never "get over" the grief of a significant loss, but we can journey through it with faith and find ways to heal.
We are providing the following links to support groups if you are seeking help through your difficult bereavement.
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